1. If you couldn’t go outside to play, what are some things you could do indoors?

*making connections, critical/creative thinking


2. Choose your favourite couch. Cut out and colour each stuffie, and glue them sitting on your couch in a line in the order they entered the story.



Download - Stuffies Cut Out Sheet

Download - Couch #1   Couch #2   Couch #3


3. Are there more stuffies with 2 or 4 legs? Chart your information on a graph.

If you added all the stuffie legs together, how many would there be?

*activating background knowledge, counting, comparing, graphing, adding


Download the "Legs" Activity 


4. Use the Venn diagram to show how many of the stuffies you could you find on a farm, the zoo, or both. 

*sorting, organizing


Download the Venn Diagram


5. Use the chart to show which stuffies are mammals, birds, amphibians, or reptiles.



Download the "What Are You" Activity


6. Which of Foster’s stuffies is your favourite?

Give it a name and draw a picture of it doing something it might like to do. Can you add a rhyming couplet to the bottom?

*forming opinions, making connections, drawing, writing


7. The way Foster’s is used in the book is a contraction. What 2 words were pushed together to make it?

Do you know 3 more contractions and the 2 words that make them up?

* Spelling


8. Reread FOSTER THE DOG noting the locations of the dogs.

(For example: kitty corner from here, at the end of the lane, at the park, over two blocks) Make a map of Foster’s neighbourhood. How many friends can you put on this map?

*critical thinking, planning, mapping, rereading for a specific purpose