1. If you could pick any pet to have as your own, what would you choose, and why?

*critical/creative thinking, making connections

2. Write a rhyming verse about your ideal pet.

*identifying sound patterns, creative thinking

3. Use the Venn Diagram to show similarities and differences between horses and ponies.

* organizing, compare and contrast


Download the Venn Diagram

4.What part of the story did you think was the funniest? Why?

*making inferences from the illustrations, visualizing, making connections

5. Draw a picture, act out a scene, make a model, or write a song about something else that would be funny or hard about having a pony for a pet.

*making connections, visualizing, addressing multiple

6. Perform a Readers Theatre performance of the story.

For a full description of Readers Theater, please click here



7. Do you think having a porcupine for a pet is a good idea? Why or why not?

*critical thinking, activating prior knowledge, predicting, understanding pros and cons


Download "A Prickly Question"


8. Why is Maizy’s mom sitting on the sidewalk on the last page?



9. Homonyms are words which sound the same but have different meanings, like ant and aunt. Find a pair of homophones in the story. Can you think of three more sets of words that belong to the homophone family?

*spelling, rereading for a specific purpose