1. In real life girls climb trees very well. Why do you think the authors have Maizy unable to climb the tree?

*critical thinking

2. What other books have you read, or movies have you seen where a human speaks to an animal? What makes these stories interesting?

*making connections, forming opinions

3. Use the Venn Diagram to show three foods Clementine would eat, three that Maizy would eat, and three that they would both eat.

*classifying, organizing

Download the Venn Diagram

4. Many people don’t eat meat, choosing to eat only vegetables like Clementine. Explain why you think they might make this choice.

*critical thinking, forming an opinion

5. Write down three new things you learned about porcupines from reading this book.

*rereading, making jot notes

6. What other animals are rodents? How could you find out?

*activating background knowledge, researching

7. What other animals are nocturnal? Use the outline to plan a report about one nocturnal animal.

* activating background knowledge, researching, organizing

Download the “Research an Animal” Outline

8. What did the authors do to let you know Maizy is excited about going to the zoo? Why do you think she is so happy?

*understanding text formatting

9. There are places in the book where words are written in bold. Find them and explain why you think the authors did this.

*understanding text formatting