1. Choose one of the animals Maizy met at the zoo and fill out this outline for it. 

*gathering, organizing, recording information


Download "Research an Animal" Outline

2. Use the chart to sort the story animals into their proper class.

*activating background knowledge, researching to find information, classifying


Download "What Are You?" Activity

3. Maurice is a ring-tailed lemur, but there are many kinds of lemurs. Find three things that all lemurs have in common and three things that can be a difference among different species.

*evaluating, forming conclusions

4. What is the difference between a rhyming word and a homonym?

 *phonological awareness


5. Match up the words that rhyme.

*phonological awareness, spelling


Download "Rhyme Time" Activity


6. Cut out the words on the cards. Mix them up and put them face down on the table. Pick one up and then a second one trying to make a homonym match. If your cards match, keep them back where they were. Keep trying until you have all the cards.

*using context clues, critical thinking


Download "Homonym Hunt" Activity


7. Why do you think Maurice speaks French? How did Jack and Maizy know Maurice was speaking French?

Even if you don’t speak French, you might be able to figure out what the words listed below mean in English. Why can you do this?

*background knowledge, inferencing, context cues

Au revoir
Nous sommes
À bientôt


8. Find 12 zoo animals in this word search. The animal names go down (vertically) or across (horizontally).

*developing word and pattern recognition, spelling


Download "Zoo Search" Activity


9. Make your own word search for someone else to solve.

*synthesizing, spelling, creative thinking


Download "Word Search Grid" Activity


10. Draw or build your ideal zoo. What animals would you have in it?

*activating background knowledge, addressing learning styles, creative thinking, critical thinking, synthesizing


11. Do you know of any other animals that are endangered? Find out for sure and make a list of them and their country.

*activating prior knowledge, making connections, gathering, organizing, and
recording information


12. Animals often perform tricks at a zoo, an aquarium, or a circus. If you have seen this, how did it make you feel?

*activating prior knowledge, processing thoughts and feelings, making connections