1. Have you read any books or seen any movies that have cats in them? What are they? What did you like most about them, and why?

*making connections, forming opinions

2. What are some other words that mean the same as scampish?

*building vocabulary

3. Why did the authors bold some of the words in the text?

*understanding word and text formatting

4. Find rhyming words for these story words

 *identifying sound patterns

5. How would you colour these pictures from the book? Add more details to the pictures if you would like to.

*addressing multiple intelligences, fine motor skills 


Download any of these pages to colour


6. Fill in the blanks with the story words found below.

*using context clues, critical thinking


Mavis ______ was a very scampish ____.

She wanted to have ____all day long, but her fun also ended up making extra work for her _________. She knocked over ______,

chased a _______through the house, and even brought home _______. But none of it really mattered because she helped Danny feel better when he was ________, and she turned out to be a very sweet and _______ cat.


family, flowers, cat, fleas, loving, mouse, ill, Davis, fun


7. Which illustration is your favourite, and why?

*critical thinking, creative thinking


8. If you were writing the book, what other scampish thing would you have Mavis do? Draw the picture. Add a rhyming verse if you would like.

 *creative thinking, critical thinking, addressing multiple intelligences


9. If you wrote this book, what title would you give it? Explain your thinking.

 *critical thinking, creative thinking